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Congratulations, You have been invited to become a Group Friendly Certified Member

Congratulations, you are invited to become a Certified GroupFriendly member. 

GroupFriendly will become the largest database for restaurants, attractions, and hotels that can accommodate large groups. Group leaders across the country will use GroupFriendly as their first resource when booking services for their groups. GroupFriendly is focused on finding establishments in the top ten group travel cities in the United States. We will continue to add new GroupFriendly cities both in the U.S. as well as overseas, as our site grows. Browse around this site to learn more about our purpose, and please send us any questions you may have on the FAQ page. 

Think of the Possibilities! 

Having more group business is a huge advantage to any service. Whether it be a large school group, a corporate event, family reunion, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or other occasions -  GroupFriendly will both simplify the process of finding the right venue as well as provide the customer with the assurance that excellent service will be rendered to their group.  Clients will trust Certified GroupFriendly Members because each member will be inspected by a GroupFriendly representative to certify they meet the qualifications noted below:

  • Groups are treated with respect – never made to feel as if they are a burden.

  • Groups are provided with “Group Friendly” preferred rates (better than published group rates).

  • Establishments have adequate facilities to accommodate large groups.

  • Establishments are located in an area that is conducive for the group types they are advertising / catering to.  

  • Establishments have staff on hand that are trained and specialized and stand ready to meet the needs of the group.

  • Motorcoach parking is available on site or at a reasonable distance and at a reasonable rate. Written bus parking instructions are readily available to tour planners and group leaders.

  • Payment terms, including billing option for qualified groups, loyalty rewards point earning potential for group leader or operator. In addition, the company will accept major credit cards.

  • Business will have adequate Liability and Errors and Omissions insurance coverage and have contract for services. Motorcoach companies are willing to list operators as a named insured for services rendered.

  • Group friendly free service ratio provided to leader or operator.

  • Group friendly business’s abide by a commitment to service excellence - including the providing a group sales contact, a group welcome upon arrival and assistance throughout.

Request Application

If your establishment meets all of the qualifications listed above, then request an application below!

Thanks! Application Request has been sent.

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